Horizontal scroll in shinobigrid?


I have a need for a grid that can scroll both horizontally and vertically and can also be sorted via tapping the column headers. Taking a look at the samples attached with Shinobigrid, I see two components, ‘Grid’ and ‘DataGrid’.

The ‘Grid’ samples seem to allow for horizontal scrolling by doing:

    //Enable row and column reordering

    grid.defaultPermittedDragDirection = SGridDragDirectionBoth;

The ‘DataGrid’ sample seems to allow for sorting by adding a column and setting the sort mode:

    SDataGridColumn* nameColumn = [[SDataGridColumnalloc] initWithTitle:@“name”];

nameColumn.sortMode = SDataGridColumnSortModeBiState;

Can I acheive both the horizontal+vertical scrolling and having columns sortable through either component?


Hi Hankinsoft,

The DataGrid is our more recently released grid. It has an improved API & more functionality out of the box. If you were using the Grid, you would have to implement a lot of this functionality yourself (sorting, grouping etc).

Now, onto your question:


Both of the grids will scroll when their content is larger than the grids frame. You don’t have to set any properties to enable this. The property defaultPermittedDragDirection you mentioned, specifies what direction rows/columns can be dragged in when they are being reordered (dragged).

If you decide to use the Grid, sorting is not something that comes out of the box. Please refer to this forum post as a guide for implementing it:

If you use the DataGrid sorting is pretty much done for you as you already mentioned in your post.

I hope you find the above helpful.