How can I draw a custom selected point label? (1)



I would like to draw a label as shown in the picture below. 



Hi Sandu. Thanks for getting in touch. Are you working with ShinobiCharts for Android or iOS?



Hi Kai, I’m working for iOS. 



Hi Sandu,

Have you seen our crosshair/tooltip feature? It allows a user to show a tooltip for data points much like the one you have in your screenshot.

You can see some documentation on this here

Let us know if this doesn’t meet your requirements or if you’d like some more info.  :laughing:




If you happen to be using Xamarin, I can give you a code example.


Hy Ryan,

Yes, I see the crosshair functionality. I would draw an custom label for selected point.

I tried to set   showLabels  for selected point, but nothing happened. 

SChartLineSeries *series =[[SChartLineSeries alloc] init]; = YES;

series.selectedStyle.dataPointLabelStyle.showLabels = YES;

…for example code , it drew only selected point. 



Hi Sandu,

In this case you might find the SChartAnnotation class useful - this allows you to place an annotation at any point on the chart - there are several convenience initialisers you can choose from that might come in handy :slight_smile:

Best regards,