How can I get the bottom line value of visual part only


Can, anyone please let me know how can I get the bottom line value of visual part only. Because I have to set bottom line of visual part as baseline.



Hi mail.rajupanwar,

The visibleRange property on your SChartAxis object might be what you are looking for, find the docs for the property here. This property is of type SChartRange, which has a maximum and a minimum property:

SChartRange yRange = chart.yAxis.visibleRange;
NSNumber *yMin = yRange.minimum;



Thanks Jan,

I am getting this range without including Padding (High and Low). But I need this Minimum value when I set some high and low padding to the axis…



You’re right, that property wouldn’t take into account your axes’ padding. You should be able to access the axis’ current padding via the rangePaddingHigh and rangePaddingLow properties. You could then add/subtract these values yourself to calculate the visible range with the padding taken into account.