How do I flip the Y-axis of a Shinobi Chart


I have a horizontal stacked bar chart that is functioning well.

I would like to flip the Y axis so that the bar at Y value “0” will render at the TOP of the chart, and as Y ascends, the bars will render below it, instead of what seems to be the default, which is the 0 renders at the bottom, and higher values go up.

I tried

yAxis.axisPosition = SChartAxisPositionReverse;

and to my great surprise, this did absolutely nothing

Any help would be appreciated, thanks


Is there a Shinbo dev here who can help answer this? Posted last week.



Hi Jasconius,

The axisPosition property is used to flip the position of the axis to the opposite side of the graph, it doesn’t change the order of the tick marks.

If you want your data to be in descending order, trying what this forum post recommends.