How do I keep a Flexible Accordion from Bouncing (using as a menu)?


I’m using an accordion for a menu with submenus which open when the main menu item is opened.

I’m setting scrollBounceEnabled = NOto prevent the menu from being dragged from the top, but it seems to have no effect.

I can drag the whole menu up and down which is undesired (it fits within the whole frame so scrolling isn’t necessary).

I can’t use SEssentialsAccordionTypeFixed since some of my sections don’t have submenus and I don’t want blank space opening when you tap on them.  (Besides, I can foresee in the future where the menu may not fit and scrolling would be necessary).

I expected scrollBounceEnabled = NOto prevent bouncing (and scrolling) when the total accordion fits within its frame, and certainly to prevent being able to pull the top menu item down revealing blank space at the top.  I’m using version 2.71-6 just in case it is a known bug.


Greetings Program!

What you need to do is disable the scrolling of the scrollView:

((UIScrollView *)[self.accordion.subviews objectAtIndex:0]).scrollEnabled = NO;