How to create a Shinobigrid and ShinobiCharts in a Single View controller


I have a requirement to display a table and chart on a single ios application screen. I thought of creating a UI view for both and addingchat and grids to the same. while doing so Iam able to add chart to the screen successfully but when I add the grid to the UI view I get followin error:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSRangeException', reason: '-[__NSCFConstantString substringWithRange:]: Range {15, 18446744073709550964} out of bounds; string length 16'


Greetings Program!

The error doesn’t look like a datagrid/chart related issue other than it might have something to do with the datasource.

I tested both in the same view successfully by using the ShinobiDataGrid GettingStarted sample app and copy/pasting the code from the ShinobiChart GettingStarted sample app. I changed the initWithFrame to have one under the other and since I was adding the ShinobiChart code, I also had to add the additional frameworks.



Hi yshekhawat,

Did you get your issue solved? This looks like a trial license key issue. Give us a shout with a fill backtrace if you’re still having problems.