How to implement Google finance chart by Android


Hi Shinobi,

I want to implement a chart like google finance’s chart.

There are three parts in chart: price line, volume and range selector. How do I show price line and volume seperated(volume corresponds it’s Y-axis, no overlap with price line).

About range selector, do you have Android’s sample code?


Hello centerseed,

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You certainly could build something similar to a Google finance chart, with ShinobiCharts for Android.

To keep the price line and volume parts of the chart separate, an approach could be to use 2 separate charts. Another potential approach would be to use 1 chart, but to include several axes, assigning the different series to different axes. You could use a number of annotations (a premium feature) to embellish your chart, with a horizontal band annotation to separate the price line and volume data.

Currently I am afraid that there is not a range selector sample application for Android. I can say though that the general principles between the iOS and Android implementation of such a chart are the same. As such, you could certainly use the iOS sample application & blogs as a guideline:

I would suggest you download our trial library and have fun experimenting! 

I hope that this information proves useful to you.

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