How to remove inverted red bars from Shinobi charts which used SChartLogarithmicAxis



We are using Shinobi Charts to display bar graph on iPhone and iPad. We have values ranging from 3 to 50,000. So lower values are hardly visible. To overcome this we have used SChartLogarithmicAxis. But for lower values  (less than 10, even for zero) we see inverted red colored bars as shown in image below.

image with red bars

We would like to know a way to remove these red bars and instead show all bars starting from axis (anchor point 1) instead of 10 as shown below…

need to show graph like this

Thanks in advance…



You can override the chart’s chosen baseline value by setting the baseline property on the series explictly:

// within seriesAtIndex: datasource method

series.baseline = @0

I hope that resolves your issue.