How to remove the Toolbar from SEssentialsSlidingOverlay



Using Storyboards I have a SEssentialsSlidingOverlayinside a custom UIViewController. When instantiated the SlidingOverlay has a toolbar.

Is it possible to remove this toolbar so I have a SlidingOverlay like the first Sliding Overlay example in ShinobiPlay: Swipe Control?

The header file states the toolbar can be removed

#pragma mark Toolbar
/** @name Toolbar */
/** Toolbar property - using this the toolbar can be changed or removed */
@property(nonatomic, readonly, retain) SEssentialsSlidingOverlayToolbar *toolbar;

But I’m unclear on how to use this given the property is read-only.


removes the button but the toolbar is still visible.

Thank you



Hi Ghr,

Currently, to remove the toolbar from the SEssentialsSlidingOverlay, you have to pass NO to the showToolbar parameters of either of the following two constructors: 


  • initWithFrame:andToolbar:
  • initWithFrame:andToolbar:style:

This clearly isn’t an option for you as when using storyboards the constructor initWithCoder: will be called. Unfortunately, the only way around this would be to create a container view on your storyboard & then to set up your SEssentialsSlidingOverlay control programatically, within that container view.

I have raised this issue with our development team, and they will look at how we can allow storyboard users to remove the toolbar.