How to set padding between candlestick? (iOS)


Like title: how to set padding between candlesticks?
Currently, padding between candlesticks are so large. How i can change it?
Pls see the image description:

Thank guys!


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I don’t think you will able to decrease the padding between the candlesticks; there will always be a gap because of the number of datapoints and their values.



@wizgod: Thank you for your reply. But i want to decrease spacing between the candlesticks.
So how i do it? Or we can’t change it, right?


As far as I know, you won’t be able to change that. My understanding is that the chart calculates the space required for any datapoints between all ticks so it can’t shrink the spacing between those datapoints because there could potentially be points inbetween.



Hi Tasumi,

I believe you can do this by changing the value of the interSeriesSetPadding property of the axis styling.

I hope this helps.



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The interSeriesSetPadding (and interSeriesPadding) are for padding between datapoints of different series (on the same or ajoining axis values) and not the same series.



Thank @Matt and @wizgod: it’s resolved. Dates for xAxis discontinous, so i change it and it’s working now.


Didn’t think about that, glad you got it sorted!