How to show discontinuous datapoints in line-series with Shinobi charts


I am using shinobi charts  in my application with lineseries.

  SChartCategoryAxis *xAxis = [SChartCategoryAxisnew];

 SChartNumberRange *r = [[SChartNumberRangealloc] initWithMinimum:[NSNumbernumberWithInt:1] andMaximum:[NSNumbernumberWithInt:15]];

    SChartNumberAxis *yAxis = [[SChartNumberAxisalloc] initWithRange:r];

My requirement is to not show a data point for a particular date on the garph.those dates may occur at any index of the series.

to say exactly my requirement is to generate graph like this, 

Can any one help me to achive this.


I too have similiar requirement where we need not show partial series. If the value of the data point is 0 then do not plot that point. How can we do that?


Same problem here.


Others have asked for this feature in previous forum posts. 

We need it for both Android and iOS platforms.


Use a scatter chart instead.