I can not find the libc++.tbd


I am following the Get Started Tutorial and it mentioned to also add

Draw a Simple Chart

Start-up Xcode and create a new project via File / New / Single View Application.

Within your newly created project add a reference to the ShinobiCharts framework by dragging the framework from the Finder into the project.

ShinobiCharts makes use of a few other frameworks, so add the following as well:

Where can I find this please


Hi Robert,

To add libc++.tbd to the project, go to the project settings, select your target, and click on “Build Phases”. Expand the “Link Binary With Libraries” section and click the + sign, and you should be able to find libc++.tbd in the list that comes up. Click “Add”, and it should appear in the Frameworks folder on the left. You’ll then need to drag it into the “Link Binary With Libraries” section if Xcode hasn’t automatically added it into there.

If you need more info, there’s a guide to linking frameworks in the Configure Targets and Builds section of Xcode Help.

Kind regards,