Impress-Chart tutorial and fixed xAxis range



i got some more questions :grin:

  1. Is there a sample application or a tutorial, how to build the impress chart from the ShinobiPlay-App. This is exactly the chart i need, so it would come handy.

  2. Is there a way to display a fixed range on the xAxis, like 1day, and when i call setRange and the xAxis with new dates, which are wider than 1 day, the graph scrolls, but the range stays at 1 day.




Hi Daniel,

Whilst the code for the ShinobiPlay app isn’t currently available (but watch this space) we do have an example application where two charts are linked in a similar way. I’ll drop you an email with this project to get you started.  :smile:

You can disable gesture zooming on your axis using ‘axis.enableGestureZooming=NO;’ but if you use the setRange:withMinimum:andMaximum method this will still allow you to change the range. The solution would be inspect the current range before setting the new one and adjusting either your new minimum or maximum depending on whether you are moving up or down your axis respectively so as to preserve the range.

I hope this helps!