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Dear Shinobi team,

I’m working for a softwarehouse and we are interested in buying ShinobiCharts Premium for intergrating with our MonoTouch apps. We are really impressed by Shinobi components. They rock!!

I’ve currently seen a Xamarin link (see and I would like to have more info about the price ($ 795) and the premium package.

First, does this price include only an annual subscription or a one-time subscription? Second, does the package include other components in addition to charts?

Finally, I would like to know if Shinobi allows to create a column chart where it’s possible to put data-labels on top of columns (see the following discussion and images instead of text values in the x-axis?

Thank you for your attention,



Hi Lorenz,

Thank you for your post and the great feedback. We are happy to hear that you like our components and are impressed with their performance.

All our controls – ShinobiCharts, ShinobiGrids and ShinobiEssentials - include Xamarin.iOS binding and yes, you are right - since a few weeks also available on the Xamarin Component store which we are very proud of!

The purchase of a product licence is a one time fee. Once you purchase a ShinobiControls product, the product licence does not expire at any point and therefore does not need to be renewed.

What does expire 12 months after purchase is the corresponding support option that you choose for your product licence – ShinobiCare or ShinobiCare Plus. After 12 months this support option can always be renewed for the current market price. Please see some more information about the different support options here. This outlines also very well why a valid support package for your product licence is so vital to have:


Our maintenance only package (currently free for 12 months when you buy any product licence) includes all fixes, updates and upgrades to your ShinobiControls product through our customer portal. Perfect if you want to go it alone without the advice and support from our Developer Support Team.

With ShinobiCare you will benefit from:

•   Upgrades that will ensure your app continues to work as Apple brings out changes and extensions to  iOS, the iPhone and iPad.

•   Upgrades that will include any relevant fixes required.

•   Upgrades that will bring in exciting new capabilities and added features and functionality.

 Please note that we do currently offer 1 year free ShinobiCare with each product purchase!

ShinobiCare Plus

Our complete support and maintenance package. On top of all the benefits of ShinobiCare you will also have unlimited access to our Developer Support Team who will personally answer any queries and questions you have within 1 working day.

So if you are interested in purchasing  ShinobiCharts Premium, then the price for the product itself is currently USD795.  Please note that we do currently offer 1 year free ShinobiCare with each product purchase, which in case of a ShinobiCharts Premium purchase would be worth USD199. If you wish to have access to our technical support team and opt for the ShinobiCare Plus support package, then the costs for that package are USD495.

If you are also interested in not only our Charts but also our Grids and Essentials products, then please have a look at our full ShinobiSuite bundle which includes ShinobiCharts Premium, ShinobiGrids AND ShinobiSuite and is available for USD995 only (including one year free ShinobiCare and USD595 additionally for the ShinobiCare Plus support package). Please have a look at what is included in the full Suite here: 

Currently ShinobiCharts doesn’t support putting data-labels and images on top of columns as out of the box features. However you should be able to achieve this by using the SChartAnnotation method annotationWithText: andFont: withXAxis: andYAxis: atXPosition: withTextColor: withBackgroundColor: and setting the text to be equal to the value of the data point. Adding images is something that we have added to our list of requested features.

Lorenz, I hope that information helps. Please let us know should you have any further questions either through the ShinobiDeveloper Forum or just send us an Email to . We are always happy to help.

Kind regards,

Daniel Allsop


Dear Daniel Allsop,

Sorry for the delay. I really appreciated your answer. Thank you very much for your support.

I have one more question about charts. In particular, our specification is to create a column chart like the one presented in picture. Is this possible?

Thank you again for your support. Have a nice day.



Hi Lorenzo,

Some of the functionality you have depicted in the image of your chart isn’t offered out of the box. However the ShinobiCharts framework is certainly flexible enough to allow you to make a chart that looks like the one in your picture. This might prove easier using the premium version of the framework.

Kind regards,

Daniel Allsop