iOS 10 bug with bar charts on iPad Pro 12.9 - bars don't scroll but x axis tickmarks and labels



we are preparing our app for iOS 10. We just figured out that when we try to scroll or pinch on a bar chart on an iPad Pro 12.9, that the tickmarks and labels of the x axis alter as expected but the bars within the chart do neither move nor shrink/expand. There is no difference if we use the latest version 2.8.7 or the version 2.8.4. Fyi, it works on the iPad Pro simulator but not on a real device (we are unable to test it on an iPad pro 9.7).

It seems that there is no draw update on the GL view happening.

You are able to reproduce the problem with your sample project ‘ColumnSeries’. Just add there:

xAxis.enableGesturePanning =YES;
xAxis.enableGestureZooming =YES;

 Please see the attached pictures. When the chart is initialized then the tickmarks stand underneath of the bar but after pinching, the tickamrks are moved but not he bars.

Please provide a fix or workaround asap because last night (July 7th 2016) Apple made iOS 10 as public beta and we are expecting getting first user reactions on this soon.




Hi KK4iOS,

We’re aware of this issue and it seems to solely be affecting devices with the A9 and A9X chips (the iPad Pro 9.7" and 12.9", iPhone SE, 6S and 6S+).

We’re prioritising this and are spending time this week looking into it. A member of the team will update this post with any new information we find.




I have this same issue - any update on the fix ?


Hi Mark,

Although I’ve replied to your ticket, I’ll offer the same response here in case anybody else is looking for the same information.

We are currently aware of this bug and are working on a fix to be released as part of our iOS 10 release. Unfortunately I can’t offer a date on this release as of yet, but I can say it will be our next release. I’d advise you keep an eye out for it coming soon.

Kind regards,



To update everyone on the bug’s current status - this was a bug with Apple’s GL library/drivers which was fixed in the latest beta, so if you update to that, everything should be okay.