iOS 5 and iPhone 5s


Sorry if this is already out there somewhere, but is there a build that has the iPhone 5s rendering fix and support for iOS 5-7?


I agree it would be helpful to make this clearer. There have been quite a few new versions lately. I tried version 2.5.4 thinking it was the latest, but that did not work on the iPhone 5s. Version 2.2.1a solved the 5s rendering issue for me.


Version 2.5.4 and any historical version with a letter suffix has the iPhone 5S bug fixed. If you want iOS5 support then you will need a version that does not have the arm64 architecture:

2.2.1a or 2.3.1c but send us an email and we can help explain further about each version and which one wil be best to use.


When I use Version 2.5.4 and target iOS 7 with standard architecture (including 64-bit) and include libstdc++.dylib from the iOS7 SDK Frameworks I get multiple linker errors (some RB Tree related). If I change to libstdc++.6.0.9.dylib the project runs. Is this the current situation or does anyone recognize something I am doing wrong? Thanks!