iOS 5 no worky & iPhone 5s wonky


I just bought a standard license for Charts.

  1. Does not work in iOS 5 but does in 6 & 7

  2. My graph on an iPhone 5s is rendering wierd and lots of flicker on zoom

Are theses known issues or I am doing something wrong?

Before I bought the temp key version built with iOS 5 but i still had the iPhone 5s issues.




FYI  I’ve seen flicker with zoom and pan on the 5s as well, but it was building to IOS7 with Shinobi 2.21. I haven’t been able to switch yet to the latest version due to some rendering issues.

I chalked the flickering issue to using an “old” version with new hardware (maybe something Apple is doing to run 32 bit on the 64 bit system?), and was thinking it would go away with the newer versions.  What version of Shinobi are you using?

I suspect the Shinobi folks are very busy right now, but I’ve had good experience with them addresses issues as they come up.


Hi, thanks for letting us know about the flicker - we’ll be taking a look into why this is happening as soon as possible. We expect there is some change in the execution path for the layout calls, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.  

The latest version of ShinobiCharts with the arm64 slice can only support iOS6+. This is a limitation brought in by Apple with the release of this new architecture. We do have various builds available for customers in our support portal, if you let us know your requirements we can help work out which version is best for you. 

Hopefully, we’ll be back with an update soon!


Update: We can reliably reproduce it and we’re looking into the source. It looks like it could be related to the GPU as it’s device specific. 


Hi, we’re also having issues with the 5s rendering incorrectly in iOS7, here are screenshots of a 5 next to a 5s.  (The 5s renders the line data half the size)

Example One

Example Two


Just to throw my hat in the ring, I’m seeing the same flicker with the charts on the 5s on 2.5.0 and 2.5.1. I haven’t tried any of the older releases due to feature requirements.

I’m sure you guys are quite busy looking at this. Once you’ve got a fix ready, it would be great to release a version that doesn’t force us to eliminate support for our iOS 5 users.

Would it be too much to ask for slice release that doesn’t include arm64? I think it’ll be a while before arm64 will be standard and until then I’d like to continue to support the older iOS 5 users out there while the hardware transition occurs.

Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!



I have the flicker problem on my IPhone5s too and the line chart being shortened until I refresh it.


I have noticed a few issues also since I got my 5S today.

Here is a picture of the exact same version of my app (same build) running on a 5 (on top) and on a 5S (bottom).

It is pretty clear that the 5S content of the chart is half of what it should be in width and height. All concentrated in the top left corner when it should fill the entire screen.

I also have the flicker issue when zooming and panning.

This happens with an iOS 7 build target with version 2.5 and it’s not arm64 of course.

Any ETA for a 64bit version?


After testing the same thing with Charts Premium 2.5.1 in 64 bits on the 5S, I can report that the behavior is exactly the same as described above.



Hi all,

I have an update on this issue for you.  We’ve tracked the problem down to a breaking change in Apples OpenGL implementation on the 5s.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test this pre-release since it only manifests on the actual hardware.

The good news is we’ve implemented a workaround and have released new versions.  For those of you on trials, please feel free to download a new trial.  If you’re a customer with a current support contract, you can head over to our customer portal to get one of the new releases.  To find out more, take a look at this blog announcement.  We strongly encourage you to read this blog as the issue will affect existing apps using older versions of the charts component too as it is a bug in iOS (and/or the phone) and not specifically a ShinobiCharts issue.

Many thanks to all of you for helping us investigate this and also our greatest apologies for any inconvenience caused!  We do try our very best to ensure the quality of our product, but unfortunately in this instance, it was out of our hands.  Hopefully the above solutions will get you going again but if you have any questions or concerns, please do let us know either in this thread or by email to

 Best wishes,

CEO ShinobiControls


Stil having the same rendering issue on 5s. Tried upgrading to 2.5.3, and then even tried 2.3.1b.

Any further suggestions? Has anyone had any luck?

Works now! …Make sure to remove app from device after updating framework.  :kissing_heart:


Thanks Jesse, however, I think I’m seeing a problem with iOS 6 devices (tested on an iPad 3 with iOS 6).

I upgraded to Charts 2.3.1b and it seemed to work fine on iOS 7, iOS 5, and the iPhone 5S, however, on iOS 6 I’m seeing a crash in GLIContextFromEAGLContext when the chart “initWithFrame:” is called.

Are you able to reproduce this on your end? 


UPDATE: This issue with iOS 6 (now confirmed on two iOS 6 devices) is if the device is plugged into the debugger, then the crash happens as detailed above. If you unplug the device from the debugger and run the app without XCODE, then it operates normally.

I’ve cleaned the build, restarted the mac and the iPads, and still get the same reproducible behavior each time.

Any ideas?


Hi Wes,

Thanks for the report - it’s not something we’ve seen but we’ll investigate as soon as possible and give you an update.  It may end up being Monday now but I’ll see what we can do.



I’m seeing the crash as well. I’ve sent the backtrace to info@.


@Tony, thanks for sending the information to us - that will be very helpful.


Let me know if you need more info — looks like there’s a few behavioural changes (including this one) in 2.5.x that are still a bit wonky.


Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that I’ve got a fix for this issue now, we’re just testing it - should be available shortly.  :laughing: