IOS 7 Theme for ShinobiCharts 2.3.1b?



I assume that others like me need to support IOS 5 a little longer and therefore can’t upgrade to ShinobiCharts 2.5.3 yet and use the built in SChartiOS7Theme.

Personnaly I overlooked the notice in the 2.5.3 release notes about IOS 5 no longer being supported and now have an app in the App Store that crashes under IOS 5 :cry:. To fix this I need to go back to 2.3.1b. The only problem is that I already adopted the SChartiOS7Theme when the app runs under IOS 7 and the app looks like crap withouit it.

Tediously reverse engineering the SChartiOS7Theme class and implementing it in top of 2.3.1 is no fun. So, I wonder if someone has already put in the effort or maybe the good people at Shinobi are willing to share some code with us who are stuck on 2.3.1b? Please!

Best Regards from Denmark