[iOS] - Black Space in Chart


In getting an existent project, and I’m having a problem with a graph.

There is a blank space, anyone know if is possible remove it?

Blank Space

I’ve tryed change the rangePaddingLow and High, but nothing happens =\


Hi nhegedus,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What version of ShinobiCharts are you using?

I’d recommend trying the following:

  • Setting your Y-Axis’s width to 1
  • Setting your Y-Axis’s tickGap to 1 (The tickGap property can be found on it’s style.majorTickStyle object).
  • Disabling ticks via the showTicks property on your Y-Axis’s style.majorTickStyle object

Without looking at your implementation it’s hard for us to say exactly what is causing this issue.

If any of the above solutions don’t work, could you send us the code you use to set up your Chart’s Y-axis.

This would really help us identify the source of your issue.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.