[IOS chart] line with value annotation?


hello, i want to make horizontal line at the last value, dashed line, with the label at the right exactly like here:

thank you alot!


I haven’t done what you’re asking, but have you looked at the Shinobi Play app for the iPad (can download from App store)?  If you take a look at the ‘How To Guides’  (tap top left button),  look at the ‘Create a custom crosshair’ example.  I believe the arrow you have circle on the right hand side is a custom SChartCrosshairTooltip.    I could guess about left hand side, but don’t want to lead you off the path.


hey thanks, the picture i posted i took from shinobi ipad app,

so i’m sure its possible,

thanks, i will check your suggestion.


Hey Raslin,

We actually use a custom SChartAnnotation here and we position the arrow & the line at the edge of the chart. We then update the position of the annotation whenever we receive any movement via the sChartIsPanning: delegate method.

(You might have to set the charts clipsToBoundsProperty to NO!)

Using the tooltip might also work, although it would need some customisation!



Hi, is there any sample code for doing the dashed line.