iOS Flow Layout Positioning


Im playing around with Flow Layout and am wondering if there is any native way I am missing to allow items to flow more tightly.

The case I am trying to solve is if there is a tall view before 2 shorter views, the first of the 2nd view will be placed to the right of the tall view, and the second will be placed under the tall view.  I would like both views to be placed to the right of hte tall view.  This image illustrates the case.  What I am looking to do is have the 2nd smaller view (ones which say label2) be stacked on the right.

Any suggestions on how to handle this case?


Greetings Program!

I don’t think this is natively possible with the flow layout; I couldn’t see any properties in the API that might do it.

The container view for each view uses the height of the tallest view. It allows variable widths but not variable heights (to do what you want).



Thanks wizgod,

Glad to know Im not just missing something, I’ve been trying to use nested flows to achieve this, but its not pretty :slight_smile: