IOS Swift Shinobi Chart Memory - Urgent


We are developing an app using Shinobi charts.  Charts gets redraws depending on the prompts that user are selecting.   While redrawing the charts the memory keeps increasing.  I am using an API delegate class to create chart object and pass it to the view controller.  I set the chart object to nil but that is not much use.   Any info regarding is appreciated.  Using Tools I can see that GL is not getting de allocated.  How do I this?  As ARC enabled I can’t use dealloc method at all.

Any quick help is appreciated.


Hi vasudc,

Which version of ShinobiCharts are you using?

Could you provide screenshots of your instruments results that show the GL not being deallocated?

Can you manipulate one of our sample apps and host it somewhere we can download it?

This would really help identify the source of your issue.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn