iOS10 Crash while initializing ShinobiChart


I’ve had a crash pop up recently that I can’t seem to reproduce in house, but it is commonly occuring and recorded by Fabric, seems to be only iOS10 iPhones which are experiencing it. It happens when creating a Chart, and has the stack trace below:

Shinobi Charts Version: ShinobiCharts - Version: 2.9.3-3, Edition: Premium, Release Date: Feb 7 2017

+[ShinobiChartLog setLoggingEnabled:] + 58
SChartGLErrorHandler::handleErrorImpl(char const*) const + 200
SChartGLErrorHandler::assertError(bool, char const*) const + 68
-[SChartGLView initWithFrame:] + 892
-[SChartCanvas initWithFrame:usingChart:] + 244
-[ShinobiChart initialiseChartUsingThemeOrDefault:errorHandler:] + 1660
-[ShinobiChart initWithFrame:] + 192

Has anyone had a similar experience and able to handle or resolve the crash?



Is there a chance that the chart is being created while the app is in the background? That will cause a crash at this point as the shinobicharts framework has no access to OpenGL layer whilst the app is the background. If this is the case then the flushPendingGLOperations and setIsEnteringBackground methods may help here.



Hi Alison,
Its possible, I was previously only using the flushPendingGLOperations call upon entering backrground, but I’ve since added the other. Will have to keep an eye on this to see if it reappears with the “setIsEnteringBackground” call set.