Is there any way to set Gradient with different Colors in Charts for iOS


I have 4 SChartLineSeries (different line colors say Read, Green, Yellow, Blue). These all 4 may cross each others at any point. I have to fill it with Gradient also. My Points are :

If we have Yellow line at lowest place along with x-axis, we can manage the Gradient according to Yellow. = YES; = [UIColor colorWithRed:65.0 / 255.0 green:165.0 / 255.0 blue:65.0 / 255.0 alpha:1]; = [UIColor colorWithRed:35.0 / 255.0 green:75.0 / 255.0 blue:35.0 / 255.0 alpha:1];

BUT, if Red line crosses Yellow line at any point ( Yellow line is no longer at bottom place) and become the most bottom line. Now I have to make gradient effect in such a manner that Yellow Line will be having Gradient with Yellow effect under it and Red line will be having Gradient with Red effect under it. and so on.

AND, same for the line just above the most bottom line. we have to make gradient effect for it. and if other line crosses this then color for gradient should be change. and if third line cut the second one, again color is to be changed. and so on. BUT gradient effect should NOT go to bottom, it should be stopped where it meets to next line.

I have to show these effect for all lines.

So, any idea please.

Thanks for response.


Can anyone please let me know if this is possible OR not.



Can anyone help me out. For more, please see it :

Please let me know IF it is possible or not.