Issue with CandleStick charts yaxis range



I am looking at the sample code for iOS CandleStickChart and i noticed that the y axis range is between 0 and max value for the data points. I wonder why this isn’t from min value to max value? I don’t see this happening if i use the chart type SChartLineSeries instead of using SChartCandlestickSeries. For SChartLineSeries the y axis range is from min to max which i is what would like to see. Is there a way to have the candle stick chart to behave the same way?



Hi zero7,

Sorry to hear about the problems you are seeing with the candstick series range. This sounds like the same issue discussed in another thread which I have just posted a response to -[chart-ios]-y-axis-range-issue-with-candlechart

I hope that information is useful! :slight_smile: