Issues with displaying Shinobi Chart Column Series


This is a wierd issue that i have been facing lately.

I have a Chart with 2 LIne series and 2 column series. No where in the code have i hidden any of the series and the number of series return 4 with data point delegate also returning a valid value. 

But somehow the column series is not visible. I have checked all the possible places  which could be causing this, but everything seems to be perfect.

Also this issue is only when there are exactly one data point in the column chart. If there are more than one data points then the code works fine.

Can somebody please help.


Hi kpandian,

The issue is likely that the column series uses a baseline of its lowest value. You will need to set the series.baseline = @0


I did set series.baseline =@0 but still its not showing up the chart. Do i need to set something else too.

Kindly help.


Hi Kpandian,

I think it’d be easier for us to get to the root of your problem if you recreated your issue in a cut down sample application and sent it in to referencing this forum post. Once we’ve got some code that replicates your issue, it’ll be much easier for us to understand the problem, and modify it to find you a solution.