Issues with older android device


I tested my app on a Nexus One running 2.3.6 and the alternating stripes don’t appear. 

Also, when scrolling a container having charts inside it, there’s a lag and I can see the black view behind the chart. Frankly I’m not sure this one would be worth fixing (if possible)…



The missing alternating stripes also happens with my Honeycomb tablet. Running Android  3.2, model is GT-P7500R (Samsung 10.1).


Hi Radu,

As our API docs state, due to limitations with the Android platform pre-Ice Cream Sandwich, grid stripes (grid lines) will not be visible for on devices running API 13 and below. Essentially the plot area where the chart’s series are drawn cannot be transparent and so anything underneath is obscured. See

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Got it. 

What about the black background when scrolling, is that something you’re aware of?

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about:




Sorry, I just remembered you asked about the black background as well!

This seems to be an OpenGL issue (or at least a GLSurfaceView issue) on pre-ICS devices and in fact the link I sent you previously about your flickering issue refers to fixes for it ( That is, adding a transparent view on top (again, the post is in the context of a ViewPager but I think it is still applicable). There are numerous discussions linked off that post (including with various suggested workarounds. The best I can suggest it trying them to see if it helps with your specific issue.

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