Label Overlapped for Multiaxis Chart


Hi all,

I am Alberto and i’ve start using the Shinobi Chart for monotouch. 
I built up a chart with multiple Y axis on the left side and with the title for each Y axis in vertical position using 

axis.Style.TitleStyle.TitleOrientation = SChartAxisTitleOrientation.Vertical;

Anyway all the axis’ titles appear totally on the left side and overlapped.
I cannot figure out which property i should set for make the title appears just close to the related axis without overlappling with others.

Did anyone meet the same problem?



Hi Alberto,

I’ve added some extra y-axes and it does look like the title labels are overlapping! I’ll take a look into why this is happenning. In the meantime, we do provide access to the UILabel property for the chart and you could adjust the frame to get the position perfect for your chart. For example, I added this code to the OnRenderFinished delegate method:

SChartAxis a = chart.AllAxes.Last();
RectangleF f = a.TitleLabel.Frame;
f.Offset(50.0f, 0.0f);
a.TitleLabel.Frame = f;

You’ll need to include an extra library to get the .Last() extension method:

using System.Linq;


Hi Stuart,

thank you very much for your suggestion. I will use it for adjusting the labels’ position and moving the labels close to the related axis.