Legends for ShinobiCharts Android


I am just using the trial version of Shinobi-Charts for Android. Works quite well, but one thing i really miss: the legend. On iOS i can set a title to each series and the view will display a legend. An Android i find no way to do that. Or am i just doing it wrong? I think assigning a name to a series should be a basic feature for some charting component. Someone an idea? I can’t believe, that this is not implemented. Thanks if anyone has an idea.


Hi csigritz,

We’re doing the legend now, and it will be in the next release, due in a couple of weeks, along with bar charts and axis styling. We made a fairly brutal cut to choose the minimum set of feature for the initial Android release, based on overall customer demand, and the legend was just the wrong side of the line. This is reflected in our Early Bird pricing scheme, where the price for the initial version is heavily discounted, and will increase as we approach feature parity with the iOS version.


Update for anyone interested in legends: this feature is available in V1.2 

Robin Sillem