Line chart missing the line, show tiny data dots


I have a regular line chart with custom crosshair & tooltip like this

At random, the line is missing and left with tiny dots. The dots are not any part of my code.

Sometimes, only 1 line is missing as shown here (green color series is missing while 3 others show up correctly)

I get this randomly from time to time, and I don’t know how to replicate it. After changing the X-axis range (by button press) the chart renders correctly.

Is this a known bug? How can I workaround it?




Greetings Program!

Are you able to post the code for the custom crosshair and tooltip?

I have a multiple line regular line chart as well but don’t experience that issue; most likely because I don’t use a (custom) crosshair or tooltip. If you could provide some code, I could try to replicate it.




I believe we talked about this via email a few weeks ago.

We do have a task to look into this issue in more detail, however as we’ve only very occasionally been able to reproduce this particular rendering bug it’s been a little hard for us to track down the cause.

If you’re able to reliably recreate it, would you mind sending a sample project to info@shinobicontrols where a member of our support team will take a look at it?

Many thanks,