Load Chart Settings from file


Hi to all,

I recently purchased the Schinobi Charts / Premium and I am looking for any method either in the Objectiove-C or in the Monotouch libraries that might be used to load style and settings fro a chart from a configuration file (i.e. serialize and deserialize). Is there ny concept in the Shinobi suite for tasks like that?

Thanks in advance


Check out the Shinobi play app on the App Store. It allows you to adjust a theme and then email the theme to yourself for inclusion in your xCode project. The actual theme you make in the App isn’t so important, but if you inspect the files it makes you’ll see how it loads a heap of settings from a big class file. Leveraging that approach, it’d be trivial to retrieve settings from a plist or remote JSON data.




Good idea. I will give it try and let you know.