Maximum tickets exceeded, but I didn't use any


Hi, so we just bought the business license and we wanted to submit a ticket just to see that our tickets are exceeded. I checked the tickets page, it only had 1 ticket closed which was an email communication done before the actual purchase of the license.

Can someone help me understand how I exceeded the max tickets when I didn’t even use them?

I was sent an email with the support key that I can use when contacting developer support, I assume that’s via the tickets? or where? Maybe its not clear.


Hi Georgesh,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Sorry you are having trouble with our ticketing system.

I have tried searching for an email using your name in our inbox and can’t see any emails linked to you.

If someone hasn’t replied to your email already, could you send another email to us at quoting this forum post.

Someone from our sales team should respond to you once we have received your email.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.


hehe I’m not having trouble with the ticketing system.
It’s telling me that my max tickets are exceeded. I want to know how many I have because I didn’t use any yet.