Memory issue


Hi guys,

I’m use Shinobi chart with iOS library.
I have an issue about memory when render the chart.

Details: The memory will increase from 60MB to 600MB when i repeat step: show and dismiss view which it’s containing the chart.
I see the memory increase very high (Instruments in XCode) and look like it doesn’t dealloc.

And i will attach the image to this post.
So how i can dealloc memory when dismiss view? How i can resolve it?

Thank you!


Hi tasumi,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We are unaware of any memory issues with our chart component.

Due to the memory rising when you show & hide your view, I would recommend looking where you create & deallocate our chart.

As it looks to me your creating a chart everytime you show your view but you aren’t deallocating when it hides.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply.

yep, the chart will be created when the parent view shown.

So i have a question: how to deallocate the chart when the view disappear/hidden? (iOS)

Best regards,



Hi Tasumi,

I’m afraid this isn’t really a question to do with the ShinobiChart - it will happen with any control you create in this way and don’t deallocate. I would lookup how your view controllers are coupled together, or if there are any strong references to the view controller that handles the chart. Answers such as may prove helpful.

Hope this helps!