Memory leak with SChartColumnSeries on AppendData sample code


When replacing the Line Serie (SChartLineSeries) by a Column Serie (SChartColumnSeries) in the AppendData sample code, I am getting a serious memory leak.  When using the Line Serie, it looks fine, no leak. Is there a workaround or something that can be done to prevent the leak?

IOS 7.1,
Xcode 5.1
iPod Touch 5th, iPad Mini


// Returns the series at the specified index for a given chart

-(SChartSeries *)sChart:(ShinobiChart *)chart seriesAtIndex:(NSInteger)index {

    // In our example all series are line series.

    // SChartLineSeries *lineSeries = [[SChartLineSeries alloc] init];

    // = @(2);  

    SChartColumnSeries *columnSeries = [[SChartColumnSeriesalloc] init];

    return columnSeries;



Hi gp2014,

I’ve managed to replicate this and I’ve raised it in our issue tracker. We’ll take a look into this and get back to you!

Best regards,
Jan Akerman