[Meta] Could the ShinobiControls forum be split into three?


The presence of the forums list proves that the capability exists to have more than one forum; could we get the current (oh so lonely!) ShinobiControls forum split into separate forums for ShinobiCharts, ShinobiGrids, and ShinobiEssentials? In its current form, the forum is inundated with questions regarding ShinobiCharts, and I’d assume this isn’t comfortable nor helpful for those just trying to find advice on Grids or Essentials. Similarly, I, as a consumer only of Charts, have no interest in topics relating to other products and would rather avoid them.


Hi Samuel,

We are actually working on some improvements to our website, forum & the customer portal, and this is one of those improvements. Whilst I can’t give you a definite date, I can tell you that this is on our plan!  :grin:

Again, thanks for the feedback.



Thanks for the reply. It’s good to know that improvements are on the horizon.