Momentum panning in charts: rubberbanding bug?



I’m using the charts SDK, and i’m able to set the momentum panning flag and at first glance it works fine. If I’m scrolled all the way to the left, and do a pan to the right, it causes it to instantly rubberband and snaps back.  If I do short pans to the left, it unveils content from the right hand side in an animated fashion. However, if I do a hard pan to left, causing it to hit the end of the list on the rhs, if end of list is hit velocity is instananeously set to 0.

Put another way, if I flick (and let go) the chart over to hidden end of the list, no rubberbanding occurs if it hits end of list.  This is contrary to standard behavior that I see in iOS tableviews and collection views.   

Simplest way to repro is to have a graph that spans let’s say 1.5 screen widths. If you’re scrolled all the way over to the left hand side of the chart, panning your finger to the right and letting go -> rubber banding works just fine.  But if you flick your finger to the right (causing hidden data to scroll into view), note the abrubt stop when it hits the end of list.

Just wondering if this is known issue and if any plans to address? Since our app uses a lot of panning, it’s very conspicious/jarring in the graphs.



Hi Tomshinobi,

As far as I’m aware, nobody has reported this issue before. I see your point, looking at iOS scroll view’s you do get this bouncing behaviour when the scroll view is panning with momentum, so I can see why you would want it as a feature in ShinobiCharts.

I’ve raised this in our backlog but unfortunately, I won’t be able to give any idea on a date when this could be available. I’ve put a note on our system to keep this forum thread up to date with any progress we make.

Thanks for your input!