Momentum panning unresponsive


I have an iOS chart that can be scrolled horizontally, so I have allowPanningOutOfDefaultRange, enableGesturePanning, enableMomentumPanning all set to YES on the x-Axis.  All works as expected when panning slowly with one finger, however when I “flick” the chart to get it scrolling at a higher rate of speed the momentum kicks in and pans the chart until it decelerates to a stop.  The problem is during that deceleration the chart is completely unresponsive to touches.  So if a user sees a point of interest during the momentum pan, he’s helpless to stop it.  This is unlike a typical iOS scrollview which users are accustomed to.  Is there any way to get a more natural behavior from momentum panning?


Hi eskewj - we’re not aware of this issue, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it here. Are you able to provide a demo which I can use to investigate this? Thanks!