MT4118 Could not register the assembly 'ShinobiCharts'


I have a Xamarin Studio project that uses ShinobiCharts on iOS.

The project used to compile ok, but after updating to the latest Visual Studio Version, I get:

MTOUCH : error MT4116: Could not register the assembly ‘ShinobiCharts’: error MT4118: Cannot register two managed types (‘ShinobiCharts.SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipDrawerProtocol, ShinobiCharts’ and ‘SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipDrawerProtocol, ShinobiCharts’) with the same native name (‘SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipDrawerProtocol’).

Visual studio Version: 7.6.1 (build 9)
Shinobi charts version, not 100% sure but it says AssemblyVersion (“”)


Hi amantaut,
Are you able to try our latest version (2.10.0) ?


Thanks for the reply Kai,

I tried updating to the latest 2.10 version but the interface seems to be significantly different to the 2.8 branch, so it would take me a long time to adapt the code.

Is there another way to compile with the existing code so I don’t need to re-write my App’s code?


Hello amantaut,
I’ve just successfully ran the ‘GettingStarted’ sample app using the 2.8.1 version of shinobicharts (xamarin) premium. I’m using Visual Studio (community edition) version 7.6.1 (9). I had to increase the minimum iOS version to 7 and add a Bundle Identifier but following this it built without error. I ran it on a simulated iPhone 5s running iOS 9.3.
Are you able to run a sample app?