Multi line chart area fill color



In my multiple axes I have 2 line charts. How can I fill area between two line chart?  Or  Can I set base line og line chart1 as linechart line.


Hi Absbmbtest,

This isn’t currently possible with ShinobiCharts but could be quite a cool feature. I’ve forwarded on your suggestion to our charts development team!




I just need to know if this feature has been added to shinobichart framework since it’s 2 years and a lot has been changed. So can I acheive this now? I really need to know how.



Hi Firas,

Could I get you to clarify your requirements?

You can fill the area between two lines using a SChartBandSeries.

However, due to the way it’s implemented, both lines must be linked to the same axes.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn