Multi Series, Multi Axis Column Charts without stacking


I’m trying to create a chart with three different column series, each with its own corresponsing yAxis

I’ve added multiple y axis to the charts, and implemented the 

  • sChart: yAxisForSeriesAtIndex

method, and so far everythign is working. Each series is respecing the scale from its corresponding yaxis.

The trouble is, the bars are always stracked on top of each other, rather than showing up next to one another. This is a problem because the stacking is alwyas done in the order of the series.

That means that, if, for a given x value, series 0 has a lower y value than series 1, the column for series 1 obscures the column for series 0 entirely.

Any ideas for how to fix?



I’m afraid we don’t support grouping of series when they use separate y axes.

However, I’ll make sure we note down your scenario as this may be something we add in a future release.