Multiple series line chart with completely different ranges


How can I handle a line chart with multiple series that have completely different ranges?

For example, I have a line chart with 2 series

For the first series, the values range from 80 - 100, so I set the yAxis range to: min 80, max: 100

But for the second series, the values range from 30,000 - 50,000. How can I set an independent range for the second series?

So I want the lines to over lay each other and see how they correlate to one another


Hi rches,

If you have the Premium version of shinobicharts (available to Professional/Business/Enterprise subscribers), you can add multiple y-axes to the chart, which will enable you to see the correlation between data with different ranges. For more details see the Multiple Y Axes sample included in the bundle, and the How to Render a Chart with Multiple Axes guide in the shinobicharts user guide.

Kind regards,