Multiple tooltips for same date



I’, having an issue with displaying of data on tooltip. When i select a particular date, i gate different value for a particular date, I mean a particular date is shown 2-4 times, and the value changes according to the graph. I’m unable to fox this. I’ve tried using Point Mapper to move from one data point to another but i couldn’t get through it. I need to move from 1 data point to another on the graph or display datapoint only once for each date.
My data appears on weekly basis, so the frequency between data points is 1 week.
The below images explain the issue that I’m experiencing.

Here 26 May, shows 3 different values, where by data has only one value which is 15.98.



Hi skr,

The reason for this behaviour is the same as in your post Series CrossHairToolTip issue: the tooltip formats the date according to the label formatter for the axis, so in the case of the x-axis it formats datetime objects as a date. You could try the same solution I suggested there in order to add the time in to the tooltip, so your tooltip labels would look something like:

  • 26 May 00:00, 15.98
  • 26 May 06:00, 15.97
  • 26 May 12:00, 16.96
  • 26 May 18:00, 15.87

Kind regards,