New version - alterTickMark issue


Hi - since the 5S fix update;

When I reload the chart data and the alterTickMark delegate method gets called - it returns tickMark.value with a value of 0.00 and text of 580 etc. Value is always 0.0, text is always the correct value (as text)

Once the graph is rendered, nudging the graph with your finger causes a redraw and the alterTickMark method works fine, and the axis draw correctly.

Anyone seen this?


Fudge fix (ugh):

if ( (float)tickMark.value == 0.0f) {
    value = [[NSString removeCharacter:@"," FromString:tickMark.tickLabel.text] integerValue];
    else {
        value = tickMark.value;


Hi Kevin - thanks for sharing this fix.

I’ll raise this as a bug and we’ll investigate it. I’ll put a note to update this ticket when we’ve made any progress.



_It’s a _serious problem.


Can I confirm the problem that you’re having?

When your chart calls the delegate method sChart:alterTickMark:beforeAddingToAxis: from a [chart reloadData] / [chart redrawChart] the delegate value property on your tickMarks are all 0. But when your chart is redrawn from a pan or a zoom, the value property is correct. Is this correct?

I think I’ve managed to replicate this our end. Someone will be looking into it & update this forum thread with any progress we make.




Yes that’s exactly right.

Thanks, Kevin


I’ve run into this issue as well.


Same here. Kevin, could you please elaborate on your fudge fix? 


Hi Shinobi Team,

This issue is blocking us to go ahead with using Shinobi in our apps. Please let us know a fix for this so that we could go ahead with using your control.



Arg. I can’t post! *Edited*

Sorry, I’ve been unable to post for days.

I was fortunate enough that my graphs couldn’t have a zero or ngative value - but if you read the tickmark text and compare it against the tickmark value, you can easily see when the problem occurs. The tickmark text is *always* correct.

Either that, or just use the tickmark text converted to a float - that would work fine too.


Thanks Kevin for the reply. I figured out my problem was slightly different from yours. The problem I had was every time I redraw the chart tickmarkview in alterTickMark method was nil but, if I pan it wasn’t nil and working as expected. To work around this issue, I had a timer that calls panTo (referencing to a negative value to make it stay at 0th position when chart is redrawn). This seems to be a bug in redraw method that the tickmarkview is nil.

Thanks for helping Kevin.


Hi! i’ve another problem i think is related to this bug, in the 

sChart:(ShinobiChart *)chart alterTickMark:(SChartTickMark *)tickMark beforeAddingToAxis:(SChartAxis *)axis

function, with certain values of “tickMark.value”, i change the “tickMark.gridLineView” background value to another color, but since this bug appears even if i use the “tickMark.tickLabel.text” fix, the background color only change when de chart is panning.

Is there another solution for this problem already ?? Thank you so much!


Is this issue resolved? I am still seeing the exact same problem where as all tickmark values are 0.0 until nudging the graph


Hi all,

We’ve just released version 2.6.0 of ShinobiCharts, which should fix this issue. I would recommend downloading that from our portal, and giving that a go.

Many thanks,