No such module 'ShinobiCharts'



I was using Shinobi for about 5 years on few projects. (But I didn’t create new project witch Shinobi for a while).

Now that I would like to create new project I get error :

No such module 'ShinobiCharts' 

I add ShinobiCharts.framework in libraries and libc++.tbd.
I also add the folder in Library Search Path and I still get this error,…

Any idea?



Hi Marko,

Please can you clarify which version of the shinobicharts framework you are using?




The version is 2.8.7-3


Hi Marko,

That’s a pretty old version, from April 2016, before we updated the framework to include a module map for easier imports in Swift, so you’ll need to use the Swift bridging header:

  • Open the build settings for the your new target, and search for the Objective-C Bridging Header setting.
  • Provide the path to the ShinobiChart-Bridging-Header.h file, which is inside the Headers directory of the ShinobiCharts.framework.

But as you’re using an old version we can’t guarantee that it will work as expected in the latest version of Xcode and with Swift 4. We’d suggest upgrading to the latest version - you can download a new trial from, or get in touch at if you want to find out about the costs of renewing your support.

Kind regards,