Not able to run Advanced charting samples from Trail pack!



I am not able to run sample code for andvance charting samples from Trail pack.

It displying " No ShinobiControls license key given - please set ShinobiChartsEnterprise.licenseKey = @"<your trial license key>"

I trried tp out the licence key at different place. But not worked out.

Please help.


Hello Ash,

To run the Advanced Charting Kit sample you will need to set the ShinobiCharts license key within the AppDelegate.m file. 

Firstly import the required header files:

#import <AdvancedChartingKit/AdvancedChartingKits.h>
#import <ShinobiCharts/ShinobiChart.h>

Then set the license keys for both the ShinobiCharts framework and the AdvancedChartingKit framework:

[ShinobiCharts setLicenseKey:@"YOUR TRIAL LICENSE KEY"];
[AdvancedChartingKits setLicenseKey:@"YOUR TRIAL LICENSE KEY"];

If you need any further assistance please let us know.

Kind regards,