Not Displaying graphs lines for a specific values



i have a query regarding a project i am working on right now.

i want that the line should not be displayed for certain values.

for eg i have the following range of values 200, 250, 100, 300, -1, -1, -1, -1, 400, 200, 250. Now i want that the line should first be displayed between 200 and 300. Then the line should be discontinued for values -1 and should start again from 400 to 250.

Earlier i didnt send the -1 values but a line was drawn between 300 and 400 as in the two points were connected

i am actually displaying some sensor values in the graph. i do not want any line to be drawn when the sensor is down. when the sensor is down i can send some default value.

can i handle this situation. i mean is it possible to show no line for a specific value?


This isn’t a feature currently supported by ShinobiCharts. However, you can get this working by adding a seperate series for each continuous line, and styling them the same.

For example, you would have one series for 200-300, and another series for 400-250.



+1 for this feature (don’t connect nil values). Is it on your roadmap?


i have the same question. Are you planning on providing this feature in the future.

As of now it does not take nil values for datapoints’ x or y value


Hey guys,

This is definitely a feature on our roadmap. We are planning to do it - but unfortunately I can’t give any dates / timelines.

Our development has always been user driven, so the more interest we get, the more priority we will put on a feature, so thank you for giving us this valuable feedback.