ORGANIZE in Shinobiplay App


Hi Guys: I am currently evaluating your products, and so far so good, actually very good. I am trying to emulate the functionality in your ORGANIZE example in the Shinobiplay App. More specifically, I would like to copy the checkbox functionality you have in column one. Do you have the code for this available online anywhere? I am not looking for the entire Shinobiplay App, just the code from this one specific example. Any way you can help me out? Many thanks in advance.


Hi there,

We don’t currently have any code published which demonstrates how the checkbox is implemented, but I can give you an overview of how we achieve this effect.

  1. The cell is a simple cell, which contains an instance of a custom SPCheckbox UIView subclass.
  2. SPCheckbox is a class which has 2 images - a ticked and an unticked version. We add a tap gesture recogniser which switches which image is currently showing.
  3. The SPCheckbox class also is able to update the underlying datastore through a delegate we defined.

This is not the only way that you could achieve this effect, but it’s how we chose to implement it in the organize grid - I hope that it’s helpful.