Overlapping lines in line chart


Hi everyone,

has showed in the image, my problem is that i have lines overlapping in the same point (nov).

Beeing so makes it hard to select the point that is behind.

What kind of approach can be used to solve this type of problem ? 

Best regard :wink:


Hi Moonlace,

You could try having slightly increasing point radius from back to front? That way if a point if covered, it will always be larger than any point that might be covering it?



if i had 4 lines with the same common point it wouldnt solve.

I was thinking if there is anyway to make a line draw on top of another withount changing the - (SChartDataPoint *)getDataPointForDataPointAtIndex:(int)dataIndex forSeriesAtIndex:(int)seriesIndex method.

Best regards :slight_smile:


Hi Moonlace,

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way that you could make the light blue series point visible, without having the point’s radius larger.

I’m not sure I understand your last response though - if you always made sure that each series further back had a larger radius, then the point would always be visible.