Paid Library issue


We purchased the Paid library of shinobi charts . Earlier we were using trial version for line charts it was working fine with X Axis with One data point which was perfectly in center . if i use Paid Library the Data point on X AXis gets shifted left alingned on very close to Y Axis . 

Please help me to get that data point align to center in paid library . 


Hi Lalitpatil,

Could it be possible that you were using an older version of the trial ShinobiCharts, and now you have purchased the product you are now using a newer version of ShinobiCharts? (We have had a new release recently.) There shouldn’t be any difference between our trial and paid versions.

If so, it would really help if you let me know the versions of our product you have been using (for the trial and the full product). You can find this out by logging out [ShinobiChart getInfo].