panTo deprecated


I just downloaded the latest shinobicharts for ios and noticed my call 

[self.timeAxis panTo:SChartAxisPanToEnd];

which i’m using to pan to a newly inserted data point in real time is deprecated

is there an equivalent method i should be using? is it panByValue: and if so, what is the equiavalent having it pan to the end?


Hi foobar,

There are various methods on SChartAxis that could be used to achieve the same effect:

  • – panByValue:withAnimation:withBounceLimits:andRedraw:

  • – panByValue:withAnimation:withBounceLimits:

  • – panByValue:withAnimation:

  • – panByValue:

  • – setRangeWithMinimum:andMaximum:

  • – setRangeWithMinimum:andMaximum:withAnimation:

Take a look at our docs for their descriptions -